A Little about Ben

Ben Callahan just 10 years old was an outstanding athlete and he excelled in just about anything he did. He had a love and a passion for Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse, he pushed himself self to the max in each sport and would often wear his heart on his sleeve like a ” true warrior” as he is often called.

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Ben also excelled in the classroom and was talented in so many ways. He loved instruments, music, cooking for his family and he enjoyed helping his dad multi task at work.

Ben should be labeled as a humanitarian. He would spend time helping anyone that needed help, whether it be a neighbor, family member friend or his fellow campers, he was there to help when you needed him.
Ben was #2 of three boys, Cooper #1 and Scout # 3 these brothers where inseparable! They were always together, the were best of friends. These boys were raised with nothing but love by Dave and Paula and their loving family. Anytime you see them they always had smiles on their faces. They have respect, and love and care for people in general.

The Branford Community lost a great child on Friday, July 7th, 2017 but his spirit will reign through each and every one of us! Ben you will always be remembered as a friend to all and #2 to all of us. You have touched so many people in your short time here on earth.

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