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On July 7, 2017 the world changed.

Our friend Ben Callahan, a stand out 3 sport athlete, musician, scholar, and humanitarian passed away in a drowning accident and finished the project Jesus gave him to do here on this earth. His reach amongst the local community was immense and his legacy has spread internationally. Ben’s infectious smile, boldness, compassion, and character brought together thousands of people in the wake of his death including family, friends, teammates, coaches, bandmates, opponents on the field, and countless lives who have had been impacted by the way he lived.

As we mourn, our family and community have grown closer. We remember Ben’s crazy spirit that reached for the extravagant but always looked to help others in need. In his honor we are setting up the Ben Callahan Memorial Foundation with the purpose of serving middle and high school children in and around the community and spreading the same hope of eternity that Ben carried in his heart. We hope to enhance educational needs, sports teams, and enrichment and gifted programs!

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In keeping with the spirit of Ben’s generous heart, the Ben Callahan Memorial Foundation will benefit young athletes, musicians, chefs, and those with beautiful hearts!

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We have a small stream that runs through our backyard. We used to have two 2 x 12“ pieces of lumber spanning the small stream. It was a very effective bridge when we walked over it to get into the woods, and an equally effective way to get a wheel barrel filled with brush and weeds across.

2 x 12 lumber is very strong. It barely bends even under a load in the wheelbarrow, but when you drive a pick up truck across it, it no longer seem so strong. Hence we no longer have the 2 x 12‘s going across the stream.

Strength is the product of preparation and research. When your daily commute involves driving across the Pearl Harbor memorial bridge, you want to know that it has been designed and built by people who know what they’re doing. The engineers have study long and hard, and know the strength of the steel I-beams and the expected load it will bear, and builders follow very exacting specifications. In rush-hour you can sit along with hundreds of other cars and tractor trailers and feel secure that the bridge will not collapse the way my backyard bridge did.

God‘s word is that research and the preparation. Without years of study, and consistent reading, our faith would’ve collapsed in the last year. It’s not our own strength that you see. 

That strength would’ve held up like a Mack truck driving across a matchstick. 

Knowing the stories, the Proverbs, the signs, and especially the good news of Jesus‘s resurrection from the dead is the basis of our hope. Our hope that Ben is already in heaven, our hope that he is there surrounded by God‘s glory forever, and our hope that because of Jesus‘s death we are going there to meet him as well. It’s the only way possible that can make it through today and tomorrow. 

We can rely on God and trust His Word the same way that we drive across those bridges without giving them a thought. Thank you Lord for being our strength!


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My eyes were immediately drawn to the cross at base of lamp! God bless!

Arletta. Barnabas the tutor.

What a great picture of you guys. ❤️

Yes !the Lord is our strength.

Dave Rilla, see Isaiah 26:12

Thank you Jesus🙏😔

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Routine is important because our bodies naturally want to adhere to rhythm. Circadian rhythm‘s govern our sleep and if we are sensitive to them our bodies respond well. 


We are giving the rhythm of seasons, and we celebrate birthdays regularly. Some find comfort in routine, others feel constrained by it. 


Like little children, when we find structure in the chaos that can be every day life, we feel comfort, and understand our path. Like guard rails on the twisty highway, they look like constraints, but they are there to protect us!


Some people see Christianity as a straight jacket, religion that crushes on spontaneity. God love spontaneity He invented it! 


Like a loving parent that establishes regular bedtimes for their children, God’s guidelines are there for our best! 


Embrace Him as a God of order and learn to love his routines. 


This was our bedtime ritual every night before the boys went to sleep. 


As I was establishing this routine, I wanted it to be long enough that if they were in a sour mood, by the time we got to the end of it, they would be fully engaged with me. 


On nights that I traveled for business we would send emoji‘s back-and-forth before went to sleep, and I would usually perform the routine with them once for each night I would be away before I left! 


I even had the privilege of doing it one last time with Ben on the night of July 7. That one was for me, he was already embracing his Heavenly Father. 



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So sweet

We were on a youth group outing from our church at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport. There were two minor-league hockey teams playing, and we had no affiliation, or any attachment to either team. They were both local, and we had never seen either of them play before. It was a close game and it went into overtime. The competition was intense and scrappy, and when one of the teams finally won, the arena burst into applause. Except for one little boy. He burst into tears.

He was in kindergarten, and was already an excellent reader. He could decode words for which he did not know the meaning. I wrote word after word on a piece of paper, and he correctly pronounced them all. I started getting into words that look different than they sound, and eventually those ridiculous French words that we have incorporated into the English language. He continued to get them all right. I finally looked at him and told him he was the smartest kid ever met. He burst into tears.

He ran on incredibly high octane. He was willing to push his emotions to the absolute breaking point. It was like a balloon that is inflated to a point where it’s about to burst. It performs at the absolute potential of what a balloon can do, but often it does not last that long before it pops.

The tears were never long lived, and that smile would be back in seconds. He laughed at full capacity, studied at full capacity, played at full capacity, and he loved had full capacity. His hugs were legendary because they carried the full weight of all of his emotion with them.

Even his legacy runs full tilt. His impact is being felt still as we watch people search their own lives to wonder if there is more inside of them. Our friends are searching for meaning, and so many have joined us in relationship with Jesus, and are finding that incredible joy that burst forth so consistently and powerfully from my little boy.

In heaven there will be no tears. It’s promised that every one of them will be wiped away by Jesus.

There will be hugs! The first one will be from Jesus, and I hope the next one for you will be as powerful as the one that I will get from Ben.


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❤️ Love

It is time to write the book!

Praise you Lord Jesus🙏🏼 ❤️

Beautiful... 🙏❤️

Beautiful ❤️

This is so beautifully written ~ you always capture the true essence of Ben and deliver a message that transfers from your posts directly into my heart. Thank you for sharing his life and legacy and glory to God that you recognize and are willing to walk on this path sharing The Gospel. How many lives of Gods children have been saved becase of your faithfulness and Ben's project. It is an honor to know your family. Truly inspiring. Lord, I'm amazed by You and Your work🙌🏻 💝☝🏼

Lovely ❤

Beautiful. This little boy had a big purpose!

Ben's legacy lives on in the words you share about him and in the way that you are able to tie in the eternal perspective. To God be the glory!

I love that face!


Love this!

that face 💙❤

You really should write a book everything you say makes me feel right and ok

Dave, your daily posts have become something I look forward to each morning. Keep sharing Ben and his amazing stories and that smile that brightens my news feed on FB! Sending hugs to you, Paula, Cooper and Scout! ❤️❤️

A very sweet thought!! I am looking forward to the the one I will get from my son!!

Ben’s passion was nothing short of amazing, and his tears were a beautiful expression of the love and effort he put into everything. He is missed. ❤️


Wow! All i can say is WOW!!!

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Have you ever caused a minor fender bender?

You know that feeling immediately after when you want to “take it back”. There is some innate desire to undo what just happened. Then the realization sets in of how impossible that is.

It changes your whole day. Anything you had planned he’s going to be delayed. You need to wait for the police to arrive, possibly the towing company, then you have to bring your car to a shop where it will cost money to have it fixed. You don’t get to “take it back”.

One year ago this morning after laying in my bed tossing and turning for a few hours, I remember walking down the hallway, opening the door to the room where the boys sleep, and praying and hoping that yesterday had been a huge nightmare, and Ben would be in his bed sleeping where he should be.

It is said that time heals wounds. I don’t know about that yet. I know things are different than they were one year ago.

When you first meet Jesus, that is something that cannot be undone. It’s a turning point in your life, a watershed moment. For many people taking the initiative to walk through the doors the first time into a church is something they know that they cannot undo. It’s going to change them. Something deep down knows that, and we don’t like change.

If you walk into church this morning for the first time, you have no idea how your life will look one year from now.  Most likely, it will be very different. Why does the vision scare you? Let’s list some scary things that might result in your life from walking through those doors.  Eternal security which results in an amazing peace. A greater understanding of how to love others. More patience with people around you. A kinder gentler touch for humanity. The goodness that is directed towards God’s purpose that those in the community around you will see and be moved by it. A faithfulness that becomes a part of who you are, and a new level of self control that you never thought would be possible.

One year certainly changes things. Will you wait for something that happens to you, like a car accident? It might take that… I hope you instead make a choice of your own volition, and get dressed in your Sunday best (or show up dressed the way that I do, it’s OK…), and walks through the doors this morning and establish a new relationship, a friendship with Jesus. If you’re in Connecticut, my hope is that City Church will be packed to standing room only this morning!  Please come surround us with your love! The Callahan family will be sitting on the second level down to the left as you enter the College Street music Hall. We meet at 9 o’clock, and there is an additional service at 11.  If you live in North Haven, Middletown, Hartford, or Bridgeport areas check the website for times and locations. Don’t wait, tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. We know that all too well.


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Yes! Beautifully, perfectly said.

Your strength and courage is amazing!

❤️ Love


Your strength and faith is beautiful 🙏❤️


I've been praying also that many people who walk into church this morning are changed and realize they want to start a relationship with Jesus. Praying that the pastor's message touches many hearts ❤


Praying for you all today. If I wasn’t 1000 miles away, I’d be there to support you in this time but know my heart is still there reaching out to God for healing. I will be sure to hug the ones I love today. And everyday. God bless!

Your faith is inspiring and beautiful.❤️🙏

Your strength and faith is so amazing. Your posts so touching heartbreaking and moving all in one. Taking your time to post and share to show the world not to to take life for granted everyday god has given you is a gift .... in one second that can change with any of us....enjoy because tomorrow is never promised to anyone...Thanks for sharing may your faith continue to guide you and your family until you can be reunited with Ben.

It’s days like this that I wish we were still in CT to give you all a hug. ☹️ Ben and God will be by your side as always. Much love to you all. ❤️🙏🏻 God Bless. We are with you in thought and spirit.

You are an absolutely amazing family. Your posts really and truly make me think long and hard about a lot of things and your strength and faith is unbelievable❤️💜🦋🌈🙏🏻😇 truly inspiring

Holding you all up with prayers & sending love

(((callahans))) 💖

Perfectly said

Sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family. Your strength and faith are powerful. Sharing that with us is a gift. Thank you

Love and prayers

so glad I saw you when I walked upstairs this morning!


My mother met Jesus when she was a little girl. She got very sick and clinically died in the hospital for a short time (though long enough for them to tell her parents the bad news). During this time she walked in a meadow by a river as she described it. The most beautiful voice she’s ever heard spoke to her and told her she had to return. She was not afraid or sad. But knew she had to go back. She also struggles to explain some of it bc there’s nothing earthly to compare it to. (This is the shortened version) It’s still a very vivid memory for her to this day. She attends the north haven campus of city church. I just wanted to share that. Ben is home walking with Jesus❤️

Much love to all of you 🙏💗

This post was powerful in a way I can’t describe, and I read ALL your posts. This one just hit me very hard. Your inspiration is nothing less than Christlike Dave, you’re changing lives. 🙏🏼

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A lot of 7s in that date ~ God is at work ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

There is absolutely no pain worse than the loss of a child...God Speed knowing and hoping we will truly be reurnited with then again. It si the only thing that keeps us going - along with the wonderful night visits I get from my boy!!

We just spent a couple hours with the crew from NBC. Look for the interview tonight at five and 6 o’clock on the news!


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The first story has been moved up to 4:30! Thank you Callahan family for speaking with us. It's our pleasure to share with our viewers how you continue to honor Ben through the work of the foundation.

Proud of you Justin that you got this remarkable story out!

The magnet on almost every car in 06405 is a badge to be like Ben!

Dave, what time is lacrosse starting at the bowl?

I saw it. Always inspirational!

I saw NBC filming that when I drive by. 😢❤️

❤️❤️❤️ So much love, BEFORE and after. Proud of you and honored to call you friends.


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July 7 can’t possibly be a day for celebration can it?  One year to the day after we lost our little buddy…Here’s what we are going to do about July 7.

So many people of asked me how they can help or what to do, but I thought I would throw out a blanket statement so we can all be in one accord.

We need to pray. It’s going to be a tough day no matter what.

The next thing will do is give thanks. We are told to give thanks in all things. Don’t read that as give thanks for all things, that’s crazy. I lost my mini me and I’m devastated, and most likely always will be. But I will give thanks for the way the Lord has protected us and been good to us.

We will play lacrosse.  I’m sure he would’ve wanted that! The boneyard tournament is at Yale behind the Yale bowl and the boys will be playing at different times throughout the day. I will post the schedule as soon as we have it, and I would love you to come support 1&3 as you wear your warrior shirt. I think it would speak volumes to the world about who Ben was to have a crowd of people supporting his brothers and wearing his number.

Then join us for church Sunday morning. That is what carried us through those first incredibly painful hours. If you have some hurt in your life maybe it’s time to address that with us on Sunday morning. College Street music Hall New Haven. We will be there at 9 o’clock.

If you have a great story about him, please share. I’ve gotten to know hundreds of people from other towns who knew been only for a day, or a season, and were so impressed by him that they introduce themselves to me in the past year. We need so much more of that!

If you have pictures, please send them!  We cherish them more than you could know!

If you can’t make it to the tournament to support us, give someone a hug on that day. Do it for Ben! Find someone who is a non-hugging type of person, corner them, and throw a big one on them!

Please don’t feel awkward about approaching us, it’s what we do now. We love to talk about them, the boys will talk about him, nothing is taboo.

Find us on Saturday, celebrate with us that we have trusted in Jesus over the past year, and have made it through the first of each of the holidays, his birthday, and the different sports seasons.

Love like Ben loved!


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Well done good and faithful servant! May Jesus pour out His mercy and blessings upon you and your family all the days of your life! Thank you for the example of faithfulness!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼



Your family is amazing - a true testament to the love of Jesus. Through all things ... absolutely right. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

I remember visiting one of my best friends. Her son was on the youth Wallingford football team. They Were playing Branford. I sat with my friend on the Wallingford side and the entire bench was mesmerized by the 2 sisters playing. I was so proud to watch that game. It was particularly funny that they thought #1 and #2 were sisters. It’s a great memory for me.

It will be a tough day for all of us. Hugs to you all, Callahan’s. We can’t be there in person as we are in Maryland, but you all and Ben are always in our thoughts and most definitely our prayers. ❤️🙏🏻 I’ll be hugging Ryan a little extra tight.

I plan on hugging you all when i see you. Likely i will be crying... but that's just me ... ❤️❤️❤️ (kas thinks you should warn cooper about the crazy crying lady) ☺️

Best post ever! A true testament to what God can do for us when we put our trust in Him. And all the memories you share of Ben make me smile just about every day.

How can we get our warrior shirts out here in Indiana? Jennifer Buell and I will wear them, pass them on, and pray our here. Maybe we’ll even start our own lacrosse game!

Much love to you all and mad respect for how you pour your heart out here. ❤️🙏❤️

I didn’t know Ben but you have all touched my life. I think about him more than you could imagine. My heart breaks for you all but I know that is not what you would want. Love what you wrote. Know there are many people out there, that don’t know your family or Ben, but feel like they do. Ben touched more lives than you know 🙏🏻❤️🌈

God is truly your strength!!!!



I didn’t know Ben or your family except in passing at Crossfit a few times. Your love and words have touched my heart deeply and I pray for you all everyday❤️

I admire your strength and faith. You inspire me to trust in our God more

Y’all are an amazing example to me. I’m so sorry for the loss and pain you have and continue to experience. Praying for y’all peace in these extremely difficult days.

❤️ Love



🙏💕 Your posts are very powerful. I will definitely pass on a hug or two on 7/7 in Ben’s name.

Hugs to your family. Ben is always in my prayers. I worked at Sliney in Special Education. Ben was at ALL times one of the kindest students to my special friends! ❤️


I’m just three doors down with hugs for all of you, memories to share and a pool for Coop and Scout to jump in when they come home sweaty from Lacrosse. ❤️

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A lacrosse stick is highly individualized. They all appear the same, but there are hundreds of different makes and models and combinations of shaft and heads and the mesh netting is customized for each person. They spend a lot of time making it stick their own. The length is also determined by each players position.

Yesterday Cooper showed a heart generosity by allowing some of the defensive players on Scout’s team who did not have the longer shaft model to use his. The younger players were thrilled to have equipment that generally comes into Vogue in the next level of play., But they were also thrilled to have someone they respect share his equipment.

As with so many times when things are loaned to fourth-graders, it does not come back. At the end of the day Cooper was heartbroken when one of the sticks had to be recovered from the lost and found area, and one was not found at all.

We talked about a heart of generosity, and the fact that Jesus wants us to be generous with others. Never holding back, generous to the point that sometimes becomes a sacrifice for us. We also talked about the limitless resources that Jesus has.  He was generous with us to the point of giving his life, and as his children he expects us to be generous with others! It’s not always going to come back dollar for dollar, good deed for good deed, one lacrosse stick for another. It shows our heart, how much we trust Him. That will bring us rewards in heaven, and even sometimes here on earth!

Before Cooper even returned from the lost and found, I already had eBay loaded on my phone. I told Coop that my resources are limited, but they’re big enough to accommodate a new stick for you to reward your generosity to others, and then we talked about trusting in God‘s limitless resources! What an amazing end to a really hot day of lacrosse!

It’s better to be aligned with Jesus and learning about His values than it is to win all your games! Thank you Lord!


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What a wonderful and valuable lesson of generosity learned and what a great dad you are to lead them. ❤️

One of the few hi ha I like about FB are your word of encouragement


Cooper, I love your heart.

What a big heart for such a strong boy. Thank you for teaching your boys these values so young. They will certainly grow up to be the change we need in this world.

Great story. And I love that picture.

The lessons you teach these kids are priceless! No wonder your kids are AMAZING!

Wow that message is amazing

Way to go, Cooper. 💕

Dave you are doing a wonderful job brining up these boys! I am impressed with every post I read. It reminds me of your Dad w/you boys at the old World Gym and how he brought you boys up! God bless you all!

Cooper is an amazing kid with a big heart ❤️- I enjoyed spending the weekend with your boys

Great story

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We just can’t get it....

I am standing still while I write this. Sitting actually. 

How fast am I going?  Sounds like a dumb question...

Factor in the speed of the earth as it revolves, then factor in our path around the sun. Factor in the movement of the Milky Way galaxy, and we are traveling at over 2,000,000 miles an hour!

🤔. Hadn’t thought of that huh?

God is bigger than us! We are not supposed to understand some of the things that happened to us. Why our loved ones leave this planet before we do.

My heart still breaks. I still cry. I trust in the God who is smarter than me. I trust in the God who designed all of the stars and planets that are traveling at millions of miles an hour and not crashing...

He knows the number of our days before we are even born. That doesn’t mean he designs the circumstances that will remove us. Free will is involved, choices are made. He allows for that, and then uses the outcome to our eternal good.

Can you imagine the forces of evil planning for the demise of a very special 10-year-old boy? God knew that before it would happen. I think He knew how long Ben would be here, and filled him with all of the joy, enthusiasm, ability, and charisma that touched so many people so that the sting of his loss will be felt by so many, and have so an great impact!

He also took the time to prepare our souls, and our faith in him. He could stop all the tragedy in the world, or prevent anything bad from happening. Then He would have a bunch of followers who were never given the chance to show that they love Him more than they love the things He provides.  He allows us to make decisions, yet he supports us so generously because he loves us.

Thank you God for controlling the galaxies, and also knowing my smallest thoughts. What an amazing God I serve!


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❤️ Love

Profound, indeed. Your family is spreading the Gospel, and your lives are a testament to God's power and grace.

May God continue to bless you and your family Dave. And thank you for sharing your love and faith with all of us. It is truly inspiring.



Great post ❤

I look forward to reading your posts everyday and appreciate the work you are doing in Ben’s memory. You touch many people daily ❤️🙏❤️


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The boys and I have had some crazy conversations as we drive around. I gave up on the radio in 2thousandtwo and love my time with silence while I drive. When little munchkins started driving with me, it became an amazing time to communicate with them. We’ve had conversations about money, government, World War II, drugs, killing, social issues and their effect on us. One of the more interesting ones when the boys were eight, nine, and 10 was about the trans gender bathroom.

We talked about how much compassion we need to show for someone who has their defenses already so high. How they need a friendly face or comment even just in passing. 

It’s so easy to judge the way that many people ask for things. We look at the manner in which something is demanded. Our conversation was sparked by a demand to use the bathroom that was the mindset gender of the person in question as opposed to their current physiology. They asked why the person didn’t simply ask for a gender neutral bath instead of causing a huge scene. 

I thought about how many things in life we could use tact in our delivery, but because of our preconditioned attitude that may have very little to do with our present conversation,  we snap or demand, and ruin the day of those on the receiving end. 

What if some of that grace was extended to us on that day?  Would that calm our hearts?  The new step dad that did not deserve the snarky comment. The store clerk that knows that the store actually doesn’t stock said item. The driver ahead of you who has no idea that your husband did that thing you hate again right before you left the house....

We can control only our own actions. 

I had this conversation with Ben more times than could possibly be imagined!!
We can be the store clerk with a soft answer.  The driver who waves someone into line, the judge who showed grace. 

God could control us, but he would then have robots serving him. He wants as of our own volition to love and serve him! He wants us to make those choices for ourselves.

Ben was very good at comforting others. His love for people in need was a special thing. It was because of his confidence in his place as a child of the King. I know that I will look for someone to whom I can give a gentle answer today. I still want to be like Ben.


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❤️ Love

Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes a kind word makes all the difference.

So true, thanks brother!

beautiful thoughts to keep with each of us today, through and through...thanks, brother

Love this ... in this world today we don’t show enough compassion.. Today and always just be kind. It’s that simple. #belikeben #teachourchildren Thank you for sharing. ♥️

Love this❤



You are an amazing example of awesome parenting.❤️

Such a great example you set for your boys

Simply beautiful 💙

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“How could my Son who is a drug attic’s, a deadbeat dad, and abuser of the system still be alive, and your son who is pure sunshine be dead?”

This question was posed to me by a friend who is frustrated by his son’s behavior. He watched him go to jail, come out and relapse into drug use, and have a child that he does not support.

How in the world would a God who loves goodness and joy allow Ben to leave this earth sooner than someone who is a degenerate?

I responded by asking my friend if his sons actions caused him to love the son less? His answer was of course not not.

The most amazing thing to me is that it doesn’t matter what we do, our simple human actions cannot make God love us more, and we cannot make him love us less. God is love. For all the mistakes that we make, and the things that we do intentionally wrong, God still loves us! When we do things right, when we serve others, and act the same way that He does, He smiles, but still cannot love us more!

He loves us because of who He is, not who we are! He created us, made us unique, give us a purpose, and will love us to the end!!


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Well said! Amen!



That was awesome <3

❤️ Love


Beautiful picture. So beautifully said

I needed to hear that today, thank you!❤️


Beautifully stated! Thank you.


"He loves us because of who He is, not because of who we are." TRUTH!! 💕

John 4:7 10 7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 9 In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. 10 In this is love, not that we have

I have a hard time understanding the same exact thing..

Good words. Sometimes, I have frustrations with “how the world works” since Johanna went to Heaven. Thankful that I know how God works so that I can have peace.

So beautiful

Thank you,that was beautiful.


Thank you for yet another lesson ♥️♥️

Great picture.beautiful loving eyes,💓

The boy is most likely in heaven, and the deadbeat needs more time to trust Jesus, so he won’t spend eternity in Hell😌

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With the coming of summer and beautiful weather, trips to the beach become more frequent, water sports come back into vogue, and the top and the doors come off the jeep.

If you have never experience the pleasure of driving top down doors off you should try it. The biggest change, more than the wind in your hair, and the vulnerability of being near people at stoplights, is that the mirrors are attached to the doors.

You probably have no idea how often you use your side mirrors, but when they are gone the true meaning of “blindspot” is revealed.

Not having three children in the car, an empty place at the dinner table, snuggling in bed with two instead of three, the constant dialogue and arguing that we expect to hear is a huge blind spot.

As those wounds start to heal, we will still have to do things differently. Just like needing to turn and look before changing lanes when you have no mirrors, we will find new ways of making it through the day. I have found new meaning in so many old passages of scripture, new ways to pray, new ways to empathize with others.

My heart has been changed to be more open to God‘s leading, to his directives to help those in need.

That blindspot will be here for as long as I am on earth. Once I’ve made the transition to heaven, I can’t wait to see everything I’ve been missing! My prayer is that he uses me well in the time that I’m still here!


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❤️ Love

He is using you well as you yield to Him

Your boys are so beautiful.


I love this picture! And I love how God is using you to minister to so many!

Amen and well said.


Beautifully said and beautiful children

😢Thank you Dave for sharing. My husbands young daughter passed 3 years ago & it feels like forever when we last saw her. A heartache never ending as you know to well yet, your daily readings so helpful to many. The Days of being strong and then his tears just fall out of nowhere. A club of sorts that no one should ever experience. Our thoughts & love to you and your sweet family. 🙏🏻💙



He is using you well !!❤️

You and Paula, not easy, I’m sure very tough at times in private, yet inspirational to all always. That is Ben’s Legacy. No one will ever forget him or your family.

Love this picture!

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